Agricultural Value Added Services (Agri VAS): Market Entry Toolkit

Saturday 1 Oct 2011 | AgriTech | Business model | Global | Product development and product design | Resource | Toolkit | User insights and data |

Agricultural Value Added Services (Agri VAS): Market Entry Toolkit image

This document explores the opportunities for Agricultural VAS* and covers emerging best practice on marketing, service design and business modelling. It is primarily addressed to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), other service providers, and agricultural organisations who are looking to partner and launch Agri VAS.

[*Agricultural Value Added Services (Agri VAS) form part of the Rural VAS portfolio for mobile network operators and VAS providers.]

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  • mAgri-
    This is absolutely fabulous work on communicating how businesses need to approach rural agricultural markets. My Sincerest thanks for this excellent resource.

    A great peice to add to it or cross reference if the GSMA already has it, would be how to direct payment and profit structure up the information value chain for these services to reduce adoption costs for farmers.

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