GSMA Connected Society: Life Stories from DRC and Bangladesh

Monday 20 Jul 2020 | Bangladesh | Connected Society | Democratic Republic of Congo | Digital Inclusion | Digital skills | English | Life stories | Mobile access and use | Mobile internet | Mobile literacy | Rural network coverage | South Asia | Sub-Saharan Africa | Video |

In this Connected Society Life Stories video we talk to locals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Bangladesh and learn how they have been empowered by mobile.

Through the GSMA Mobile Coverage Maps, Orange was able to identify underserved populations and bring those areas online. We meet locals from rural Katanga who have been introduced to mobile internet for the very first time and as a result are experiencing the socioeconomic benefits that connectivity brings, in fields such as health, education and agriculture.

“Thanks to the GSMA Coverage Maps, operators like Orange can find communities which are not yet covered. This project made it possible to connect populations who were, until now, in a digital gap. We were able to help these people weave economic circuits and enter a world of connectivity to urban areas.” – Daddy Lukoki, Head of Rural Telephony, Orange DRC

In Bangladesh, we meet locals in Dhaka who have been trained by Banglalink through the GSMA’s Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit. We find out how their new digital skills are helping them in their everyday lives and making them feel empowered.

“When the GSMA came and discussed with us the benefits they have seen [of MISTT] in other similar markets, we were very inspired – and we thought this could be a good way to connect with our customers. We have plans to take it to every corner of the country and make customers aware of the benefits of coming on to digital platforms.” – Upanga Dutta, Chief Commercial Officer, Banglalink

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