Digital Entrepreneurship in Kenya, 2014

Tuesday 4 Feb 2014 | Ecosystem Accelerator | English | Global | Research | Resource | State of the industry and trends |

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This report focuses new attention on Kenya’s emerging digital entrepreneurship ecosystem, with a unique perspective on entrepreneurs developing mobile enabled services. In this report, we highlight the challenges startups are currently facing and the opportunities for collaboration among stakeholders, in particular opportunities for engagement with the mobile industry. Our findings culminate several months of research and analysis involving over 300 interviews with startups and other stakeholders as well as thoughtful contributions from colleagues within our global network. Recommendations are outlined for various stakeholders including mobile operators and ICT industry corporates, accelerators and hubs, investors and financial institutions, development organisations, research institutions, and government.

Digital Entrepreneurship in Kenya 2014 Infographic


To download the executive summary and summary infographics please visit this microsite


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