GSMA Connected Society Overview

Thursday 20 Feb 2020 | Connected Society | Digital Inclusion | English | Video |

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For most of the world’s population, mobile is the primary way to access the Internet and the mobile industry already connects over 3.5 billion people to the Internet. This helps drive economic growth and makes a significant contribution towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

But there is still a ‘coverage gap’ of 750 million people who are not covered by a mobile broadband network. While coverage may be a key requirement, it cannot alone address the problem of digital inclusion as more than 3.3 billion people live within the footprint of a network but are not using mobile internet.

The GSMA Connected Society programme is committed to supporting stakeholders and working to address challenges related to global connectivity, with a focus on underserved communities in developing markets. Watch this short video for an overview of the programme’s initiatives, and the suggested solutions and roles that stakeholders need to play in order to advance mobile connectivity.