GSMA Mobile Money Certification Principles

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The Certification comprises eight principles, which are further divided into sub-principles. These principles are explained in detail in the body of this document.

The GSMA Mobile Money Certification is a global initiative to bring safer, more transparent, and more resilient financial services to millions of mobile money users around the world.

Over the past decade, mobile money has evolved from a niche product in a small number of markets to an emerging market phenomenon, bringing reliable financial services to previously unbanked populations. Mobile money has evolved into the leading payment platform for the digital economy in many emerging markets. With 690 million registered accounts as of December 2017, the industry is now processing over $1 billion dollars a day.

A key ingredient in the success of mobile money has been trust. The Certification will help to take the industry to the next level by improving quality of services and customer satisfaction, facilitating the implementation of trusted partnerships, building trust with regulators and encouraging the implementation of appropriate and proportional regulatory standards.

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GSMA Mobile Money Certification Principles image

The Principles - English

GSMA Mobile Money Certification Principles image

The Principles - Français

GSMA Mobile Money Certification Principles image

The Principles - Español