Louise’s story

Thursday 20 Jun 2019 | Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation | Video |

Nyarugusu is one of three large refugee camps in the Kigoma region. Established in 1996, it now hosts more than 150,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi. 

In 2016, the Vodafone Foundation launched its ‘connected classrooms’ project in several schools in Nyarugusu, providing a Wi-Fi connection, projector and tablet devices for teachers and children. 

In addition, our research found that almost a third of adult internet users in Nyarugusu use their phones to access informal education opportunities, including language learning and further education.

Reduced smartphone costs, enhanced internet connectivity and the development of accessible, user-friendly applications has the potential to offer far-reaching benefits to refugee populations in terms of education, information and opportunities.

Mobile network operators and humanitarian agencies can work together to use digital technology to meet the growing demand for digital education services. 

Revisit our report on connectivity in Nyarugusu refugee camp to learn more: https://www.gsma.com/mobilefordevelopment/resources/mobile-is-a-lifeline/

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