Many paths to mobile money interoperability: Selecting the right technical model for your market

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Many paths to mobile money interoperability: Selecting the right technical model for your market image

Mobile money interoperability has been implemented differently in different markets and contexts, as captured in the GSMA Interoperability Landscaping Study. The technical solutions deployed have been diverse, reflecting differences in scope and ambition, as well as evolving standards and regulations. While mobile money interoperability is not new, most solutions are still in their infancy.

Technical models for interoperability can range from local bilateral connections (e.g. between mobile money providers in a market) to regional interoperability deployments involving many more players (e.g. mobile money providers, banks and other financial service providers). However, all technical models for interoperability have five core building blocks in common: connection, settlement, governance, pricing and business model, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

This report presents four technical models for interoperability in mobile money markets: the bilateral model, aggregator model, mobile money hub model and the global payments hub model and includes a framework for selecting the right one for your market.

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