Impact Pathway for Mobile & Women

Sunday 26 Feb 2012 | Connected Women | Digital Inclusion | English | Gender | Global | Mobile access and use | Research | Resource |

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The Impact Pathway for Mobile and Women explores how women can be empowered through ownership and effective usage of mobile phones, and how access for women to life-enhancing mobile services can lead to economic advancement, and enhanced power and decision-making abilities. To test this theory of change, the GSMA mWomen team in partnership with USAID and AusAID, commissioned PwC to undertake a review of relevant literature covering leading initiatives, programmes, and deployments known to be taking place. Data from the literature review has been captured and catalogued against indicators defined within the Mobile and Women Impact Pathway. By highlighting where concentrations of data exist, as well as gaps, the pathway can serve as a repository of information that can be used by development practitioners, donors, academics and mobile network operators alike.

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