MWC Africa 2021 – Enabling Services with Mobile Money: Emerging Innovations in Africa

Wednesday 29 Sep 2021 | English | Mobile for Development | Mobile Money | Mobile Money Programme - filter | Mobile money subject | Video |

Mobile money has become a key innovation enabler in financial inclusion and beyond. In 2021, as Africa continues to battle with COVID-19, new mobile money enabled services, from credit and savings to insurance, are emerging to build resilience and support more secure livelihoods.

Mobile money providers and tech innovators are expanding their business models and forming partnerships to enable such services.

This session highlighted examples of emerging innovations that leverage mobile money for financial inclusion, exploring the role of mobile money providers and other ecosystem actors in the journey from innovation to scale.

Join our panel of distinguished guests from Vodacom, Ensibuuko, eProd Solutions and BFA Global to learn more.

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