NextDrop: Water Simplified

Thursday 14 Jan 2016 | Case study | Digital Utilities | Global | partnership-hub | Private-Public | Resource | Water |

NextDrop: Water Simplified image

NextDrop received a Seed grant from the M4D Utilities Innovation Fund in January 2014 to deploy its human-powered smart water grid in 40% of Bangalore. NextDrop not only met targets, but also won a contract from the water board to extend its service across the rest of the city. Leveraging lessons from Bangalore, NextDrop created a smartphone app to rapidly deploy its service in Mysore and simultaneously changed its business model from Business to Government (B2G) to a hybrid Business to Business (B2B) and B2G model. This Case Study documents the lessons learned during the project, including those specific to a startup offering a B2G service.

Download: NextDrop-Water-Simplified

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