Opening the Doors to Digital Innovation and Inclusion for People with Disabilities

Tuesday 3 Nov 2020 | Assistive Tech | East Asia and Pacific | Presentation | Resource | Thrive APAC Sessions | Video |

The current COVID19 pandemic response has disrupted and changed the ways in which societies operate. Yet people with disabilities, who may be particularly vulnerable in such disruptive times, are likely to be further isolated due to the inaccessibility of mobile devices and services in emerging markets. This persistent mobile disability gap highlights that people with disabilities are generally less likely to have access to mobile products and services, and also represents a missed opportunity for both mobile operators and entrepreneurs in Asia.

The GSMA Assistive Tech team presented recent evidence on the current landscape for access and usage of mobile by people with disabilities in the Asian region, outlining the existing inequalities, especially how disabled women are affected. We also heard from mobile operators and innovators on the opportunities and challenges faced from working on disability inclusion and accessibility.


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Edit: This version of the report was revised and uploaded on 20 August 2020. Figure 2 has been corrected in the new version. The GSMA Assistive Tech programme continues to research the mobile disability gap, and the ...

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