Scaling digital health in developing markets

Monday 3 Jul 2017 | Digital literacy | English | Latin America & the Caribbean | mHealth | Mobile access and use | Research | Resource | South Asia | Sub-Saharan Africa |

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Digital health is taking its first steps in some African, Asian and Latin American markets, with a widespread view that greater use of technology and digital solutions can help address key healthcare issues: expanding healthcare coverage (access), enhancing services (quality) and optimising resources (cost).

Greater digital health scale is crucial to drive longer-term socio-economic benefits for developing economies. Industry stakeholders need to stimulate government investment by demonstrating how digital health solutions help address national healthcare issues. Ecosystem collaboration is also needed to overcome fragmentation and drive technology integration.

This report outlines the role of mobile operators as ICT and digital service partners for governments, health providers and health tech companies. The study highlights how a holistic approach that looks at digital health as an integrated – as opposed to fragmented – portfolio of services is crucial to drive partnerships and opportunities, both locally and regionally.

This project was funded with UK aid from the British people.
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