Tackling social norms to reduce the gender digital divide

Thursday 5 Jan 2023 | Connected Society | Connected Women | Digital literacy | English | Gender | India | Mobile access and use | Mobile internet for women | Presentation | Research | Resource | South Asia | Webinar |

According to the GSMA consumer survey 2021, women in India are 41% less likely than men to use mobile internet. Of people who are aware of mobile internet, a lack of literacy and digital skills is a key barrier to using it. This barrier disproportionately affects women in India due to structural inequalities and social norms.

The conversation in this webinar focuses on learning from a gender intentional, human-centered design intervention to accelerate women’s digital adoption in India. Learning includes the importance of:

  • Addressing not just the digital skills gap, but the gap in women’s access to mobiles
  • Using a social and behaviour change communications approach to tackle normative barriers
  • Situating learning in women’s trusted social networks, with a focus on economic empowerment
  • Peer change agents supporting learning over time

This 90-minute session brings together new research by the GSMA and BBC Media Action India, to discuss innovative solutions to reducing the gender digital divide in India, and how to enable more women to take advantage of the many benefits of mobile internet access to meet their life needs.

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