Uninor: Project Sampark

Friday 31 Jul 2015 | Case study | Connected Women | English | Gender | India | Mobile access and use | Resource | South Asia |

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In India a woman is 36% less likely to own a mobile phone than a man, which suggests that women are still an untapped market and represent a major opportunity for mobile operators to increase their customer base and revenue. Telenor Group’s subsidiary in India has developed and launched a pilot strategy, Project Sampark, to bridge the gender gap in rural India, drive commercial revenue, and create value for women. This case study shares the approach Telenor used to develop and launch Project Sampark, the lessons it learned, and some early results based on primary quantitative and qualitative research commissioned by GSMA Connected Women. Please note that the brand name for Telenor in India was Uninor at the time of writing the case study.

Download – Uninor: Project Sampark


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