Webinar – Innovations in Mobile IoT and Big Data for Climate Resilience

Thursday 27 Sep 2018 | AgriTech | Mobile for Development | Resource | Webinar |

Watch the latest knowledge-sharing webinar from the GSMA mAgri programme.

In this webinar we looked at the role of Mobile IoT and Big Data to improve the range of services that strengthen the climate resilience of rural populations in developing countries, from weather forecasts and agro-climatic advisory services to insurance against drought, floods and loss of crops.

As weather patterns become increasingly unpredictable and weather events extreme, Mobile IoT and Big Data technologies and applications will play a key role in helping farmers and the broader agricultural sector increase their resilience to climate change.

The key questions that we explored in the webinar were:

      • What are the technology assets that the private sector, including mobile operators, can offer to improve weather monitoring and forecasting in developing countries?
      • Which services strengthening the climate resilience of the rural sector can most benefit from Mobile IoT and Big Data?
      • What business models can support the creation of viable public-private partnerships in Mobile IoT and Big Data for climate resilience?


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