Webinar on demand:
Beyond one billion: Exploring the state of mobile money in Africa

Wednesday 14 Oct 2020 | Building the financial ecosystem | English | Financial inclusion for women | Gender | Interoperability | Mobile Money | Policy and regulation | Research | Resource | State of the industry and trends | Webinar |

As part of Financial Inclusion Week, we hosted a webinar to deep dive into Africa’s core mobile money trends over the past year. We will explore:

  • The main drivers fuelling Africa’s growth and areas posing strong opportunity for further growth;
  • The triggers behind Africa’s increasingly dynamic and digital landscape;
  • Key regulatory trends for the region as well as industry best practices;
  • COVID-related mobile money-specific regulatory, policy, government and provider interventions across the region.

Watch now to hear the team behind the State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money 2019 uncover the key findings of Africa’s mobile money landscape.

Download the presentation Read the report

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