A rallying call for a drug-free Nigeria

The initials ASAP have taken on new meaning in Nigeria where almost 15% of the adult population use drugs. The MTN Foundation has partnered with various organisations, including the Federal Ministry of Health, to set up an Anti Substance Abuse Programme that aims to help eradicate the use of drugs amongst 10 to 25-year-olds.

As well as providing a website containing information about drugs, ASAP goes out into the community to help prevent first-time drug use and to help casual users avoid becoming addicts. Talks and drama sketches in schools highlight the dangers of substance abuse whilst an ASAP bus has been spreading the word across Nigeria.

Almost 60,000 people have visited the ASAP website and more than 7,000 young people have been directly engaged through the media centre and other education platforms. By supporting young people in the fight against drug abuse, MTN is helping them to work towards a brighter future and is also helping to make their wider communities safer.

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