Be smart, use heart: Taking a stand against cyberbullying in Norway

Norway has a vision of zero bullying, both offline and online. To support this and to help close the digital gap between generations, Telenor partners with the Norwegian Media Authority, the Kids and Media NGO and the Red Cross child helpline to run an outreach programme called Bruk Hue.

Bruk Hue addresses cyberbullying and online safety – its core messages for young people include be smart, be kind, show respect and have fun. It also teaches parents about the platforms and apps their children use and how to encourage positive and safe behaviour online. Since 2009, Bruk Hue has visited 1,200 schools, reaching 290,000 students and 60,000 parents.

In 2019, Telenor worked with its partners to transform Bruk Hue from a lecture and event tour into an interactive learning programme for students aged 10-16. Young people can access the new tool, which includes a drama series highlighting common digital dilemmas, on their own device and teachers can also use it in lessons. In a recent survey about Bruk Hue, 84 per cent of eighth grade students said they had learned about the emotional impact of exchanging nude images (sexting) and 81 per cent of fifth graders agreed that the programme helps to reduce cyberbullying.

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