Empowering people to get the best out of digital technology

With technology evolving at pace, Telefónica provides online guidance about how to use it in a positive, safe and responsible way. Its Movistar brand runs the global Dialogando website, which contains informative articles and videos on a broad range of issues related to the digital world.

From cyberbullying to sexuality, health to privacy, cybercrime to video games, Dialogando provides information and advice for young people, parents and education professionals. Available in Spanish and English, the website has been launched in 15 countries where Telefónica is present, including Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

By providing the Dialogando platform, the company aims to encourage better use of the internet by every generation. As it says, “Telefónica is committed to the development of training and awareness-raising initiatives for all audiences that can facilitate co-existence in an increasingly digital society.”

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