Positive Parenting

Encouraging families in Spain to take the digital journey together

As part of its mission to help families use technology in a safe and healthy way, Telefónica supports an initiative called #TenemosLike. Part of a collaboration between Movistar and Club de Malasmadres, it helps parents to understand the language that children and teenagers use when talking about their digital activities and also provides advice about the various tools available to support families online.

In 2019, #TenemosLike published a report that looked at how families use their digital devices, what children are allowed to do online and the primary barriers to digital education. It found that 63% of parents in Spain find it hard to manage their child’s use of technology.

Elena Valderrábano, Global Director of Corporate Ethics and Sustainability at Telefónica, says, “It is not about inventing anything new but about accompanying our children in their discovery of the digital environment and setting an example for them”.

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