SGP.23 v1.1 RSP Test Specification

SGP.23 v1.1 RSP Test Specification

June 9, 2017

All Documents, SIM Working Group

This Test Plan provides a set of test cases to be used for testing the implementations of the provisioning system specifications documents (SGP.22 v2.1 and SGP.21 v2.1). This document offers to the involved entities an unified test strategy and ensures interoperability between different implementations.

This document is available for comment by industry stakeholder between 10/10/2017 – 10/11/2017. Any comments received during this period will be considered by the GSMA and if appropriate will be submitted for document amendment. All such comments should be sent to


PRD: SPG.23 v1.1 RSP Test Specification (PDF)

SGP.23 AnnexI Requirements v1 (Zip)

SGP.23 AnnexH QRCodes (Zip)

AnnexH SGP.23 Icons (Zip)

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