WWG.13 – Cloud Browser Business Opportunities

Tuesday 29 Nov 2016 | All Documents | Internet Group |

WWG.13 – Cloud Browser Business Opportunities image

The report presents the Cloud Browser technology that simplifies application deployment and maintenance by shifting their execution into the Cloud.

Current operator’s service issues exists when deploying applications onto a fragmented device base, including Set-Top Boxes (STBs), smartphones, tablets and Connected TVs.

The Cloud Browser technology addresses business and technology constraints and can help to reduce the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a Quad-Play service.

This document has been a joint development by field experts of the Cloud Browser technology, such as:

  • Alexandra Mikityuk (Deutsche Telekom)
  • Dr. Oliver Friedrich (Deutsche Telekom)
  • Peter Pogrzeba (Deutsche Telekom)
  • Colin Meerveld (Active Video)
  • Murali Nemani (Active Video)
  • Harrison Yun (Entrix)
  • Ronen Mizrahi (TVersity)