COVID-19: Digital Contact Tracing Applications

Wednesday 3 Jun 2020 | All Documents | COVID-19 |

COVID-19: Digital Contact Tracing Applications image

As the world works around the clock and across many fronts to combat COVID-19, the mobile industry is playing a critical role. Mobile network operators (MNOs) are providing robust and secure connectivity for individuals, business continuity and government response.

To support the efforts across one of those fronts, this paper presents current and pertinent information about digital contact tracing applications (apps), with a focus on aspects that have been discussed widely and intensively in recent weeks, and which are of most relevance to MNOs. In this context, the majority of this paper covers Bluetooth-based apps, rather than GPS-based apps, and aims to explain the background and facilitate the forming of fact-based opinions.

While the primary audience is MNOs, this paper can be shared with other stakeholders where deemed useful for discussion.