NG.116 Generic Network Slice Template v9.0

Wednesday 28 Jun 2023 | All Documents |

NG.116 Generic Network Slice Template v9.0 image

Network slicing is a key feature of 5G networks as defined by 3GPP  and enables to build dedicated logical networks on a shared infrastructure. The purpose of NG.116 is to assist network slice provides to map the use cases of network slice customers into generic attributes.

The Generic Network Slice Template (GST) is a set of attributes that can characterise a type of network slice/service. GST is generic and is not tied to any specific network deployment.

The NEtwork Slice Type (NEST) The values are assigned to express a given set of requirements to support a network slice customer use case.

A Network Slice Customer (e.g. automotive, industry 4.0 vertical) provides the requirements for the use case it would like to fulfil to the Network Slice Provider (NSP). The NSP maps the requirements into the attributes of the GST with appropriate values generating a NEST.