GSMA held a workshop for the wider ecosystem and Caribbean Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) presenting requirements and vision for connectivity services in the world of Internet of Things (IoT). The workshop was an unique opportunity to discuss how the transition to digital services can be achieved in the Caribbean Region.

We were lucky to have a conversation from many industry experts that range from oil exploration, transportation, aviation and logistics. It is important to note that their vision was similar in the sense on how connectivity, latency and edge computing can help the Caribbean to adopt and implement services around NB-IoT and LTE-M. With the advancement of LTE based chips, the wider ecosystem can deploy services that can travel further, ensure long battery life and keep the security that is inherent with the SIM. DHL has automated all their warehouses with robots, Drive Wise is doing many trials in Trinidad a Tobago to monitor drivers and provide insurance options; mobile based IoT are the perfect technologies for the solutions.

Mr. Otero from 5G Americas remind us that not all the Caribbean is made equal. As verticals and MNOs deploy industries in the region we have to be cognizant that not all the islands have spectrum allocated to meet IMT-2020 or marine fiber cable to support cloud deployments. Many investment is needed and the creation of applications and services need to take bandwidth and latency requirements very seriously to ensure current capabilities can meet the possible demand.