North America Women4Tech Regional Interest Group


The North America Women4Tech Regional Interest Group (RIG) focuses on the overall theme of gender equity development within the tech industry. Themes such as career progression, equal access to education, oppurtunities in the workplace and the gender connectivity gap are topics of focus for the North America Women4Tech Regional Interest Group.

The GSMA NA Women4Tech RIG  provides a forum where all member stakeholders can openly discuss issues and new solutions. Goals include mentorship, sponsorship and education. Read more on our Women4Tech RIG Quarterly Topics here.

The Women 4 Tech (W4T) session at the RIG 93 conference in Mississauga, Ontario, was a resounding success, shining a spotlight on the crucial topic of women’s participation in technology. Held with the backdrop of a rapidly evolving tech landscape, this event brought together influential leaders and passionate advocates for gender equality in STEM. The session featured two inspiring speakers: Erin Raney, Senior Director at T-Mobile, and Tamara Dancheva, Senior International Relations Manager at GSMA and Co-Chair of the EQUALS Skills Coalition.

Championing Accessibility and Inclusion in Tech

Erin Raney, who was announced as the new North American W4T co-chair, brought a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the session. As a Senior Director at T-Mobile, Raney has been at the forefront of initiatives designed to support and encourage young women to enter the tech industry.

During her talk, Raney shared several groundbreaking initiatives that her team at T-Mobile has developed. These programs are aimed at making tech careers more accessible and appealing to young women. One notable initiative includes mentorship programs where young women are paired with experienced professionals in the tech industry. This hands-on guidance helps demystify the tech world and provides valuable insights and encouragement.

Raney also highlighted internship opportunities specifically designed for women, offering them a chance to gain real-world experience in a supportive environment. These internships not only enhance technical skills but also build confidence and professional networks.

To foster deeper engagement and discussions, Raney facilitated break-out groups among the attendees. These small-group discussions focused on the realities of accessibility in tech careers. Participants shared personal experiences, discussed challenges, and brainstormed solutions to make tech more inclusive. These sessions were a powerful reminder of the importance of community and collaboration in driving change.

Global Efforts to Bridge the Gender Gap in STEM

Tamara Dancheva, Senior International Relations Manager at GSMA and Co-Chair of the EQUALS Skills Coalition, provided a global perspective on the gender gap in STEM. Her work with the EQUALS program aims to ensure that young women around the world have equal access to STEM education and careers.

The EQUALS Program: Building a Better Future

Dancheva’s presentation focused on the EQUALS program’s initiatives to address the digital gender divide. The program works in collaboration with international organizations, governments, and private sector partners to create opportunities for women in STEM. Key strategies include:

  • Educational Outreach: Providing resources and support to schools and communities to encourage girls to pursue STEM subjects.
  • Skill Development: Offering training programs that equip young women with the skills needed for tech careers.

The energy and enthusiasm at the W4T session were palpable, leaving attendees inspired and motivated to make a difference. The future of tech is brighter and more inclusive thanks to the efforts of leaders like Raney and Dancheva, and the dedicated participants of the Women 4 Tech community.