Alumni Corner: Anna Teresa Aguilar, The Philippines

Anna Teresa Aguilar, Planning Officer, Department of Information and Communication Technology, The Philippines

Anna Teresa Aguilar Blog

1. What made you want to take your first course?

After one of my colleagues finished her course, and took another, I was determined that I would also take my first course and do my tasks here at the office at the same time. Also, taking the courses offered in GSMA was a great help in refreshing my knowledge and skills as an Electronics and Communications Engineer and also helped me to contribute to the team as we develop policies.

2. What do you enjoy most about the courses?

I really enjoy taking part in to the different WhatsApp sessions where I can ask the mentor about the topic, especially those I have trouble understanding. Also, aside from the forum in the portal, I can also exchange ideas and learn from my classmates in the course. I find it interesting when they share things they are already implementing in their country.

3. How have you used what you learned during the course(s)?

I used my learning during the courses as a support for the technical research I have conducted for the formulation of different ICT policy.

4. Can you give an example of how what you learned related to a current issue in mobile telecommunications sector in your country/region?

I have learned that telcos are having difficulty putting up base stations in subdivisions because there is a fear that mobile radiation may cause health hazards to humans, but as I learned in my first GSMA course, Radio Signals and Health, there are no significant effects on humans.

5. What would you say to a regulator or policymaker that was thinking about taking a course with us?

I would recommend that they pursue their plans for taking courses with GSMA because I believe that this will be a great help to them to perform well and effectively because of the knowledge that they will gain in the courses.