Alumni Corner: Glennert Riedel, Curaçao

Mr. Glennert Riedel is a Technical Affairs Officer for the Bureau Telecommunicatie & Post (BT&P) in Curaçao. BT&P is the local regulator for the telecommunications, postal and energy sectors and airport tariffs. Mr. Riedel has a bachelor degree in electronics from the Hogeschool Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Two of his main responsibilities at BT&P are frequency management and spectrum monitoring. Electromagnetic waves have captivated Mr. Riedel’s interest since childhood by their ability to carry information and transcend great distances. This fascination is reflected in the jobs Mr. Riedel has held over the years in various telecom related sectors varying from telecom equipment repair, installation and sales, network operations centre management, right up to his current position at the BT&P.

1) How did you find out about the GSMA’s online courses?

I saw the courses online, and I subscribed after my colleague recommended the Spectrum Management course.

2) What made you want to take your first course?

I wanted to have more information about the mobile side of spectrum management, and the course was exactly what I was looking for, as we needed to plan spectrum allocations. The course is useful for my daily work and I can put the learnings into use.

3) What did you like most about the experience?

I was pushed to get involved and be active in the course; for some courses, all you do is listen, but we have to be proactive with Capacity Building courses. The dedication of the GSMA team pushed the course forward. I also liked having context and in-depth answers to the topic at hand.

4) Were there any challenged you experienced to take this course online?

I had to get used to the accents! The course is also intensive, so I had to manage my time between work and the course.

5) What do you enjoy the most about the courses?

The courses are very interesting, I find myself doing the course late at night sometimes.

6) Can you give an example of how what you learned related to a current issue in the mobile telecommunications sector in your country/region?

I use the knowledge to help prepare for conferences (I used my knowledge at a conference in Cuba, for example) and other aspects of my work, including planning spectrum allocations. The 5G perspective was interesting to learn about, such as fixed satellite services and spectrum demand for 5G. The demands are put into perspective for balanced choices.

7) What would you say to a regulator or policymaker that was thinking about taking a course with us?

Definitely take the course, it is time well spent. You learn more about the context, meet more people in the field, and understand the challenges other countries are facing. Thank you to the GSMA team for delivering these courses as it is an effective way to learn, especially for smaller countries who do not have the same access to industry knowledge.