GSMA Advance Training Programme

GSMA brings together over 750 mobile operators and 350 players in the wider mobile eco-system. We combine unparalleled industry access with analysis from our policy experts and exclusive data to create high-quality, evidence-based training courses for mobile operators and other commercial organisations.

Our courses showcase examples of best practice from around the globe and are designed to help operators understand the implications of different policy and regulatory approaches. Here are some of the courses we offer and they can be combined to create a training programme tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

5G — The Path to the Next Generation

The mobile industry is preparing to embark on the transition to 5G technology that will build on the achievements of 4G while also creating new opportunities for innovation. 5G will usher in a new era that will see connectivity become increasingly fluid and flexible. On this course, participants will learn about the underlying technologies and concepts associated with 5G and discover the key differences between 5G and previous generations of mobile technology. The course also highlights new business models made possible via the introduction of 5G as well as the regulatory issues that affect the deployment of 5G networks and services.

2 day course

Competition Policy in the Digital Age

Competition in mobile telecommunications is multifaceted and dynamic. This course provides a foundation for understanding the rules of competition and the regulatory powers that apply to the telecommunications sector, taking into account the wider competitive landscape that now includes Over-The-Top players. The course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the application of competition law as it applies to the telecommunications sector and the interaction between competition and regulation, especially Significant Market Power/Dominant Carrier Regulation. Participants will also learn about global trends in competition policy and how they will affect the way current regimes are enforced.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) involves connecting devices to the internet across multiple networks to allow them to communicate with humans, applications and each other. IoT is set to have a huge impact on our daily lives, helping us to reduce traffic congestion, improve care for the elderly and create smarter homes and offices. This course provides a high-level overview of IoT concepts from a mobile perspective, explains the key differences between IoT and traditional telecoms services and details how IoT is enabling a range of new business models. It also provides insight into the regulatory areas that can impact upon IoT services, including security, privacy and data traffic management.

Principles of Mobile Privacy

The growth of the mobile internet and converged services is creating new challenges related to the use and protection of people’s personal information. This course investigates the current state of mobile privacy and highlights research into consumer attitudes towards their privacy. It examines current and emerging regulations around the world and provides insight into how products and services need to take account of these regulations. The course also reviews the GSMA’s Universal Mobile Privacy Principles and Privacy Design Guidelines for App Developers as well as industry initiatives that are providing consumers with more control over how their information is used.

Advanced Spectrum Management for Mobile Telecommunications

This course considers the history and technical evolution of mobile telecommunications before moving on to cover the role governments, regional bodies and international organisations play in management of spectrum. Participants will learn about how spectrum is used, the characteristics of spectrum bands and the progression of mobile technologies, including new developments for 5G. The course also covers the principles of spectrum planning at national and international levels and includes a deep dive into spectrum licensing approaches and an overview of regulatory issues related to spectrum.

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