Consumer Protection

Mobile brings an array of benefits and opportunities to the 4.7 billion people around the world who are now connected. However, it also creates new challenges in how to keep those people safe and secure when using voice and data services, while also ensuring they have control over their privacy and personal data.

It is essential for the mobile industry, therefore, to deliver safe and secure technologies, services and apps that inspire trust and confidence. At the same time, there is a need to educate consumers about the potential risks associated with connectivity and raise awareness of the steps they can take to avoid those risks.

The mobile industry takes consumer protection seriously. The GSMA and its members work with  governments, multilateral organisations and non- governmental organisations to address concerns related to consumer protection by:

  • Defining and promoting global best practice.
  • Building and participating in cross- sector coalitions.
  • Leading technical initiatives.
  • Commissioning research that offers real-world insight and evidence.

The following pages provide a small indication of the work undertaken by the mobile industry to ensure consumers are appropriately protected and informed as they enjoy the full range of benefits that mobile technology makes possible.

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