Privacy Design Guidelines for Mobile Application Development


Wednesday 1 Feb 2012 | 2012 | Data Protection | Global | Guidelines | Mobile Apps | Privacy |

Following a GSMA review of existing mobile operating systems (OS) and application security frameworks, and after discussions with industry players and application developers, it became clear that there is an inconsistent approach to ...

Children’s use of mobile phones: An international comparison 2011


Tuesday 22 Nov 2011 | Child Online Protection | Children and Mobile Technology | Global | mYouth | Research & Reports |

The Children’s use of mobile phones — An international comparison 2011 report provides a detailed picture of mobile phone use by children from the age of eight to 18, following research conducted with more than 3,500 pairs of ...

Global Mobile Tax Review 2011


Sunday 20 Nov 2011 | 2011 | Digital Inclusion | Global | Research & Reports | State of the Industry and Trends | Taxation |

This global tax benchmark reviewed the application of tax to the mobile sector for 111 countries. The report found that the average increase in tax, as a proportion of mobile usage costs, rose by over one per cent from 16.9 in 2007 to ...

The Impact of Taxation on the Development of the Mobile Broadband Sector 2011


Thursday 1 Sep 2011 | 2011 | Latin America & the Caribbean | Research & Reports | Taxation |

The purpose of this study is to assess the impact of taxation on the development of the mobile broadband sector in emerging countries. It is based in case studies of five countries, four of which have enacted fairly heavy taxation regimes (Brazil, Mexico,

Research into user perspectives on mobile privacy: Key findings from UK, Spain and Singapore


Friday 23 Sep 2011 | Data Protection | Global | Mobile Apps | Privacy | Research & Reports |

This document presents the key findings from a GSMA consumer research study on mobile users' privacy attitudes in UK, Spain and Singapore. The research examines user privacy concerns and how they influence their attitudes towards the ...

Mobile taxation – Surcharges on international incoming traffic 2011


Saturday 17 Sep 2011 | 2011 | Digital Inclusion | Research & Reports | Sub-Saharan Africa | Taxation |

A new type of tax, a surtax on international inbound call termination or SIIT, has emerged in popularity in Africa. This tax centrally fixes the prices that operators can charge when terminating international inbound calls, which ...

Mobile telephony and taxation in Kenya 2011


Thursday 15 Sep 2011 | Case Study | Digital Inclusion | Research & Reports | Sub-Saharan Africa | Taxation |

Since the Kenyan government’s abolition of the VAT on handset sales, mobile penetration has increased from 50 per cent to 70 per cent. The mobile industry is a significant contributor to Kenya’s economy, contributing more than KES 400 ...

GSMA Position Supporting the Regional Front to Combat the Theft of Mobile Terminal Equipment


Friday 12 Aug 2011 | Latin America & the Caribbean | Mobile Device Theft | Policy Position |

The ability to remain connected is highly valued. Unfortunately, there are people who play on the aspirations of those who don’t yet own a mobile phone, or others who would like a cut-price upgrade, by feeding a black market in ...

Children’s use of mobile phones and personal relationships: An international comparison 2010


Tuesday 22 Jun 2010 | Child Online Protection | Children and Mobile Technology | Global | mYouth | Research & Reports |

In 2009, NTT Docomo’s Mobile Society Research Institute and the GSMA jointly conducted an international research study examining the ways in which children communicate through mobile phones, and the role that the mobile phone – a ...

Implications for Mobile Communications Infrastructure of Arbitrary Radio Frequency Exposure Limits


Tuesday 1 Jun 2010 | EMF and Health | EMF and Mobile Networks | EMF Policy | EMF Science | Global | Research & Reports |

Public concern over the deployment of this infrastructure in some countries has led to the adoption of arbitrary restrictions, such as lower national exposure limits. These restrictions are not based on a clear scientific rationale ...

Children’s Use of Mobile Phones: An International Comparison 2009


Sunday 22 Mar 2009 | Child Online Protection | Children and Mobile Technology | Global | mYouth | Research & Reports |

The GSMA and NTT docomo’s Mobile Society Research Institute have partnered on a research project to investigate children’s use of mobile services around the world. This is the first research report resulting from this project. To ...

Taxation and the growth of mobile services in sub-Saharan Africa 2008


Thursday 1 May 2008 | 2008 | Research & Reports | Sub-Saharan Africa | Taxation |

The GSMA commissioned Frontier Economics to conduct a study into the impact of mobile industry taxation as consumers across sub-Saharan Africa face some of the highest mobile-specific taxes world-wide. This report builds on a 2007 GSMA report that examined

Global Mobile Tax Review 2006-2007


Wednesday 17 Oct 2007 | 2007 | Global | Research & Reports | Taxation |

This report builds on a 2005 report Tax and the Digital Divide and extends the benchmark of taxes levied on the ownership and use of mobile phones to 101 countries, representing about 85% of the global population. From a sample of 57 developing countries,

Taxation and the growth of mobile in East Africa 2007


Monday 1 Jan 2007 | 2007 | Research & Reports | Sub-Saharan Africa | Taxation |

Mobile communications has a profound impact of social and economic development, including: This report updates the quantification of the economic impact that the mobile industry has in each of the East Africa Community member states: Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzan

Mobile Spam Code of Practice


Friday 7 Apr 2006 | Brochure | Global | Spam |

The Mobile Spam Code of Practice is a new initiative from the GSMA and its member operators. It has been devised to protect the secure and trusted environment of mobile services to ensure customers receive minimal amounts of spam sent ...