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Mobile Energy Efficiency

Powering sustainable and cost-effective mobile networks

Our mission is to enable mobile network operators to reduce their energy consumption and costs, delivering maximum network efficiency and increasing the use of lower carbon energy sources.

The mobile industry contributes 0.5% to global carbon emissions, and this is likely to increase with the continued deployment of mobile networks worldwide. As an industry, we are committed to reducing environmental impact and contributing to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which include targets to address climate change. The GSMA Mobile Energy Efficiency programme offers services for operators to benchmark and optimise their energy use. By implementing cost-effective energy saving solutions, operators can typically save 15-20% on their annual energy expenditure and reduce carbon emissions. More than 40 mobile operators have participated in benchmarking to date — accounting for over 200 networks worldwide — and we hope to build on this momentum.

Importantly, mobile technologies can reduce carbon emissions in other sectors by about five times the mobile industry’s own footprint. These reductions are largely enabled through the use of smart technologies and machine-to-machine connections in sectors such as buildings, energy and transport. By investing in energy and carbon saving solutions for mobile networks and providing the connectivity that brings down energy consumption in other sectors, the mobile industry is supporting the responsible use of fossil fuels and reducing environmental impact through mobile innovation.

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