A new regulatory framework for the digital ecosystemResetting competition policy frameworks for the digital ecosystemThe Internet Value Chain
A new regulatory framework for the digital ecosystem – Read the report
Resetting competition policy frameworks for the digital ecosystem – Read the report
The Internet Value Chain – Download the 2016 report

New Regulatory Frameworks

Resetting policy and regulation to drive the digital economy

Our mission is to demonstrate thought leadership in digital policy and regulation, developing and promoting policy proposals that accelerate the digital economy.

Every day, nearly two-thirds of the world’s population makes calls, sends messages, accesses the web, posts an update or watches a video over a mobile network. The mobile industry is evolving with the digital economy, responding to the rising demand for mobile internet access and transitioning to data-centred business models.

Governments and the mobile industry have a shared interest in connecting everyone and everything to a better future. This will require continued investment and innovation from the private sector, and a fundamentally new approach to regulation of the digital ecosystem. Without investment in high-quality connectivity and innovative network architecture and services, there can be no digital revolution.

Telecoms regulation, meanwhile, is anchored in the past. Regulators have not accounted for new competitive frontiers and market complexities, and regulatory obligations such as access regulation, data protection rules and universal service fees are not applied evenly across the changing digital landscape. Failure to adapt regulation to this dynamic digital environment can distort competition, stifle innovation and negatively impact consumer welfare.

Policymakers should seize the opportunity provided by digital transformation and the new competitive landscape. Governments, the mobile industry and the broader digital ecosystem should work together to reset the policy and regulatory framework to enable investment in connectivity and to build a thriving digital economy that benefits consumers and economies.

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