Mobile Phones and Male Fertility

Thursday 20 Sep 2012 | 2012 | Brochure | EMF and Health | EMF and Mobile Devices | EMF Science | Global |

Mobile Phones and Male Fertility image

Several research studies from fertility clinics around the world have claimed to have observed effects associated with mobile phones on various markers of male fertility including sperm count, vitality, motility and morphology. However, many of these studies have significant flaws in their design or analysis. In particular, they often fail to account for lifestyle factors such as stress, diet and obesity, smoking and alcohol which are widely thought to be linked to male fertility but may be also associated with mobile phone use and therefore confound the findings of these studies. No studies have been able to provide any direct evidence of a mechanism for purported effects, and together with the general poor quality of the studies and inconsistent results, the overall body of evidence on the effects of mobile phone use on male fertility does not allow any firm conclusions to be drawn. This short brochure provides more information on this topic and related research.