Mobile Policy Case Studies

Sunday 1 Mar 2015 | 2015 | Capacity Building and Training | Case Study | Digital Economy | Digital Identity | EMF and Health | Environmental Sustainability | Global | Handbook | Mobile Alliance | Mobile Money | SIM Registration | Taxation | Universal Service Funds |

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A companion to the GSMA Mobile Policy Handbook, this is a collection of brief, incisive case studies about regulatory policy, public-private collaboration and industry initiatives that align with government objectives. These real-world cases describe policy choices and public-private partnerships that are shaping how the industry delivers services to citizens.

Topics include Mobile Initiatives (i.e.  Internet of Things, personal data, digital commerce, mobile money, disaster response, mHealth. mobile for development), Business Environment (i.e. environmental sustainability, taxation, Universal Service Funds), Spectrum Management and Licensing, and Consumer Protection (i.e. combatting child sexual abuse content, EMF & health).

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