Reforming mobile sector taxation in Zambia

Saturday 1 Dec 2018 | 2018 | Research & Reports | Sub-Saharan Africa | Taxation |

Reforming mobile sector taxation in Zambia image

Mobile telephone services are playing an increasingly important role in supporting economic growth and social inclusion across the world. Mobile penetration, and specifically 3G and 4G penetration, enhances digital connectivity by expanding internet and broadband access, which in turn facilitates the reduction of barriers for trade, commerce, communication, service delivery, and human development.

Examples of these benefits are seen in the form of financial inclusion via mobile payment platforms, digitally enabled local entrepreneurship, innovative health and education delivery systems, and growing numbers of e-government initiatives.

This report analyses recent developments and the tax structure in the mobile market of Zambia sets out potential options for tax policy reform and estimates the impacts of these policy options on: the mobile sector, the wider economy, and the Government’s fiscal position.

Reforming mobile sector taxation in Zambia image

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