NESAS Evaluated Network Equipment Products

After an equipment vendor’s development and product lifecycle processes have been successfully audited, network products can be evaluated by an accredited NESAS Security Test Laboratory. The security evaluation uses the security tests defined by 3GPP and testing against those requirements allows the level of security of network products to be objectively measured.

The following network products have been subjected to a NESAS evaluation against the security requirements defined in the relevant Security Assurance Specifications published by 3GPP. Evidence has also been evaluated by the NESAS test laboratory that the network products were developed in compliance with the vendors’ relevant product development processes;

VendorNetwork ProductProduct Version / ReleaseTest LaboratoryEvaluation Date
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.Evolved Node B (eNodeB)BTS3900 V100R016C10SPC112DEKRA Testing and Certification S.A.U.Dec 2020
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.Next Generation Node B (gNodeB)DBS5900 V100R016C10SPC112  DEKRA Testing and Certification S.A.U.Dec 2020