FS.07 SS7 and SIGTRAN Network Security

Thursday 9 Nov 2017 | Deployment | Operational |

FS.07 SS7 and SIGTRAN Network Security image

This document provides an overview of SS7 and SIGTRAN and how to handle SS7 messages on the edge of the network. It includes an SS7 and SIGTRAN security analysis and provides a set of countermeasures that can be deployed e.g. filtering rules and other security approaches.

Audience: Technical security practitioner

Resource technology specifics: Core network

Resource type: Guideline

Resource enforcement: Voluntary

Resource certification type: Self-assessment

Key benefits
  • Provides an analysis of the security of each SS7 and SIGTRAN stack layer.
  • Identifies and analyses security threats and vulnerabilities for SS7 and SIGTRAN.
  • Proposes a taxonomy of the open source projects that are available
  • Describes possible attacks which can be launched against mobile networks and includes an evaluation of the risks associated with them
  • Proposes best practice countermeasures, with guidelines for implementing a screening policy for MAP messages.
  • Suggests SS7/SIGTRAN network incident report template