IMEI Blacklisting

Monday 22 Apr 2019 | Decommissioning | Operational |

If a device is reported as lost or stolen to an operator (using the IMEI), the operator is able to blacklist the device and block access to the mobile network. Blacklisted IMEIs are submitted to the GSMA IMEI Database to allow Operators to exchange data and to block devices on multiple networks nationally and internationally by sharing IMEI blacklist data to approved partners.

Target industry: Telecommunications

Audience: Technical security practitioner

Resource technology specifics: User equipment

Resource type: Guideline

Resource enforcement: Voluntary


Advantage Disadvantage
  • Blocking devices for fraud and security reasons is critical for Operators.
  • Provides an internationally shared database for the benefit of Operators for that purpose
  • No all Operators make use of it.
  • Requires internal integration with processes and services



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