Remote SIM Provisioning

Tuesday 17 Sep 2019 | Build | Concept | Deployment | Design and Development | Operational |

Recognising the need to demonstrate product compliance to technical specifications in a common accessible way, GSMA has developed a compliance framework for eSIM capable Devices, eUICCs and Subscription Management servers.

The adoption of this architecture framework aims to provide the basis for ensuring global interoperability for Remote SIM Provisioning between Operators in different deployment scenarios.

Audience: Technical security practitioner

Resource technology specifics: UICC/eUICC/iUICC, Generic

Resource type: Specification

Resource enforcement: Voluntary

Resource certification type: Self-assessment

Advantage Disadvantage
  • Vendors can understand in detail the common RSP architecture for consumer devices
  • Publicly available specification
  • Security testing in its infancy
  • Self-assessment
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