High Risk Numbers

Fraud comes at a great cost. Together we can reduce it.

So operators can reduce the adverse effects of network fraud, it is important they share their high risk number data as fast and as wide as possible. Then, all operators can build up and maintain an accurate, global resource of high risk numbers.

With this intention, the entry-level of the GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service was set up. So, for the first time, you can analyse and exchange the latest high risk number data in real time. Moreover, it’s free for GSMA operator members. At the present time, High Risk Numbers is in beta mode, meaning we are testing which features will be included in the longer term.

Features and benefits:

  • The ability to act quickly – due to real-time updates of high risk number intelligence
  • The chance to minimise global traffic fraud – because it facilitates the fast sharing of high risk numbers to operators around the world
  • Quick and simple analysis – since reported numbers from primary sources are all in one place, with labels and comments
  • Be part of a private community with restricted access – so you can work together in confidence to fight fraud, and build more accurate data sets
  • Now includes SMS fraud reporting capabilities 

Apply here for the entry-level to the GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service, and start exchanging high risk number data fast.

GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service is powered by RoamsysNext, this means they manage the service delivery on behalf of the GSMA. Your information will therefore need to be passed to them in a secure manner. RoamsysNext will not use your data for any other purpose other than delivering the GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service.