News Flash: New IoT Properties for GSMA Device Map

Mobile network operators and their partners are seeking greater clarity concerning the IoT devices on their networks. To help with this challenge, three new properties have been added to GSMA Device Map, bringing a further layer of intelligence to help MNOs get closer to their customers than ever before.

The IoT Endpoint identifies devices with a sensor and/or actuator, with cellular connectivity. Device types include cameras, data collection terminals and geolocation trackers.
The IoT Enabler identifies terminals that provide cellular connectivity to otherwise unconnected devices. This includes embedded network modules and modems.
The IoT Controller identifies data receivers and aggregators, it will include devices such as digital home assistants that control remote and/or local IoT devices.

Read this blog post from Afilias, our GSMA Device Map delivery partner, to find out more about the benefits this intelligence offers to businesses in the mobile ecosystem.

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