eUICC Identifiers

What is and who needs an eUICC Identification Number (EID)?

All GSMA eSIM compatible devices following the industry GSMA eSIM Specifications as defined in SGP.01, SGP.02 and SGP.21, and SGP.22 require a unique, persistent and secure EID to identify an embedded or removable eUICC.

Industry standards require the number to be 32 digits in length, as defined, in SGP.29, and shown below:

To create the 32 digit number, eUICC manufacturers must start with the first 5 digits, known as the eUICC Identification Number (EIN).  The ERHI1 number is allocated by the GSMA, according to the industry eSIM specification SGP.29.  All eUICC manufacturers are encouraged to contact us today to request a GSMA eUICC Identity Scheme Registration Form to being the application process.  An annual fee is charged to cover the scheme’s administrative costs

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