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Fraud costs. Here’s a smarter way to reduce it.

Roaming and interconnect fraud costs operators a significant amount every year. Therefore, it pays to substantially minimise its effects. With this in mind, the GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service has been developed. While it’s subject to an annual subscription, the full service goes beyond simply offering high risk number information.

In fact, it’s a complete digital resource of the essential IR.21 information that prevents fraud on mobile networks. What’s more, the intelligence is curated and easily filtered. In effect, making it the smart, yet simple, fraud management tool. Take a quick look at the platform here.

Key features and benefits:

  • Get the complete IR.21 data – roaming partners’ network IP addresses, number ranges, Mobile Country Codes and Mobile Network Codes. As well as all high risk numbers.
  • Substantially reduce traffic fraud – get data that’s curated and updated in real time. Then filter it, for quick analysis and fast prevention.
  • Make informed business decisions – additional ipdata is available. For instance, geolocation, mobile carrier and ASN data, threat detection and reported incidents.
  • Benefit from in-depth analysis – look up IMSI ranges across all IR.21 sections. Plus, validate inbound roaming service configurations. Also, check Evolved Packet Core realm and Access Point Name configurations.
  • Be part of a private community with restricted access – work together in confidence to minimise global traffic fraud. Consequently, building more insightful data sets to monitor and interrogate.

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GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service is powered by RoamsysNext, this means they manage the service delivery on behalf of the GSMA. Your information will therefore need to be passed to them in a secure manner. RoamsysNext will not use your data for any other purpose other than delivering the GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service.


What does this new service deliver?

The GSMA Fraud Intelligence Service provides a central global database and exchange platform. Chiefly, enabling operators to analyse and share accurate roaming and interconnect intelligence, fast. For the first time, all relevant information from primary sources is in one place. Not only that, but it’s curated for quick comprehension, plus it’s automated – meaning the data is updated in real time. Furthermore, it includes both fixed and mobile numbers.

What is the real benefit of this service?

GSMA operator members, you can now share your fraud intelligence in a far more efficient manner. So, relevant colleagues can identify and take action quickly, along with fraud executives from other operators. Hence reducing the cost of roaming and interconnect fraud. The new home for high risk ranges and numbers, it seamlessly integrates with all IR.21 data.

How accurate is the data?

Data should be uploaded to the platform only when it’s worthy of investigation. Then, it’s validated through cross referencing with a number of other data points. Therefore, ensuring confidence about its accuracy within our community.