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Cash Apoyo Efectivo uses GSMA Device Check™ to verify lost or stolen status of phones


Wednesday 20 Nov 2019 | IMEI |

Cash Apoyo Efectivo uses GSMA Device Check™ across its network of 140 pawnshops in Mexico to verify the lost or stolen status of pawned mobile devices.

ALTÁN Redes uses GSMA Device Map to ensure its customers get the best experience on their network


Wednesday 16 Oct 2019 | Device Map | IMEI |

Mexican mobile network operator ALTAN Redes uses GSMA Device Map to check that its customers' devices are compatible with the network.

Panacea uses GSMA Device Check™ to help Mexico’s pawnshops increase profits


Wednesday 7 Aug 2019 | Device Registry | IMEI |

In Mexico, business consultancy and software developer Panacea Consulting Group is using GSMA Device Check™ to help build trust in the second hand device market. Panacea offers a service that enables pawnshops to quickly check the ...

GSMA Device Map is giving BICS and its customers advanced insight into VIP roamers


Monday 24 Jun 2019 | IMEI |

Telecoms operators have access to alot of information about their customers’ usage patterns - but what about when they are roaming away from their home network? BIC’s SMART Webvision analytics tool is designed to give them that ...

IMEI Blacklist expands into Africa


Tuesday 14 May 2019 | Black List | Device Registry | IMEI | TAC Allocation |

In this blog post, Chris Li reflects on the recent announcement of the expansion of IMEI Blacksliting into Côte d’Ivoire.

IMEI Allocation and Approval Process (TS.06)


Monday 29 Apr 2019 | IMEI | TAC Allocation |

This document outlines the allocation principles applicable to the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers.

TAC Allocation Process for India (TS.16)


Monday 29 Apr 2019 | IMEI | TAC Allocation |

TS.16 details the process and the requirements for obtaining TAC for Indian Manufacturers / Brand owners. The process in India is different than the rest of the world due to local regulatory requirements for verification.

FAQs re TAC Allocation Change for Indian Brand Owners/OEMs


Tuesday 26 Mar 2019 | IMEI |

From Tuesday 30 April 2019, you are required to apply for TAC through the GSMA IMEI Database as TAC allocations will no longer be available from Please contact the GSMA IMEI Helpdesk to plan your migration; they are ready to welcome and assist you

IMEI Blacklisting – Help Combat Global Device Crime


Monday 18 Feb 2019 | Device Registry | IMEI |

Through the GSMA IMEI Blacklist service, 119 mobile operators across 41 countries share information on stolen devices every day, to help combat global device crime.

An Asian Insurance company uses GSMA TAC data to grow profitably in the handset protection market


Monday 2 Dec 2019 | IMEI |

An Asian insurance company uses the highly-accurate GSMA TAC data to quickly and easily match the IMEI of the customer’s device to a manufacturer and model, as well as predicting which devices are costly to repair and setting pricing plans accordingly.

Taking the Fight Against Device Crime to all Corners of the Globe


Wednesday 16 Jan 2019 | Device Registry | IMEI |

This blog post was written by Chris Li, who joined the GSMA in June 2018 as Operator Outreach Director. He is leading the expansion of the GSMA Blacklisting service into new territories. Here he reflects on progress thus far, and what more needs to be done

IMEI Database Application Forms (TS.30)


Friday 14 Sep 2018 | TAC Allocation |

TS.30 provides information to help brand owners and manufacturers complete and submit the different application forms used within the GSMA IMEI database.

News Flash: One million devices checked by Stolen Phone Checker in the U.S.


Wednesday 7 Nov 2018 | IMEI | TAC Allocation |

The U.S. wireless industry association, CTIA, has announced that Stolen Phone Checker, which is powered by GSMA Device Check, has been used to verify the status of one million wireless devices since its launch in May 2017.

GSMA TAC Allocation training modules


Wednesday 7 Nov 2018 | IMEI | TAC Allocation |

It is important that brand owners, device manufacturers and those working in their supply chain applying for TAC understand the rules and processes that govern TAC allocation as documented in the GSMA Permanent Reference Documents ...

A Guide to IMEI & Number Portability Services


Wednesday 31 Jan 2018 | IMEI | Pathfinder |

As the body responsible for issuing IMEI numbers for mobile devices globally, the GSMA is the source of authoritative and complete IMEI data. This brochure gives an overview of the IMEI and number portability services the GSMA can offer.

A Guide to GSMA Device Check


Thursday 9 Feb 2017 | IMEI |

Reduce the Risk of Stolen Mobile Devices in your recycling programme by using GSMA Device Check.

The Power of IMEI and Blacklist Data


Thursday 17 Aug 2017 | Device Registry | IMEI |

In this short video, Jason Smith, Senior Director, Device Check, IMEI Services at the GSMA, discusses how the GSMA Device Check and Stolen Phone Checker service increasingly benefit the public.

GSMA IMEI Services: The Global Source of IMEI Data


Thursday 17 Aug 2017 | IMEI |

As the body responsible for issuing IMEI for mobile devices globally, the GSMA is the source of authoritative and complete IMEI data.

Video: About GSMA Device Check


Monday 6 Feb 2017 | IMEI |

GSMA Device Check provides up to 10 years’ of a device’s history as well as the device model information and capabilities. It gives you access to a comprehensive registry of device information which can benefit your business in a variety of ways.

GSMA Device Check Case Study: Device Recycler


Monday 6 Feb 2017 | IMEI |

CeX is a shop which gives customers cash or store credit for used games, gadgets and computers. The store has grown be a global leader in the retail trading of mobile phones and other electronic devices. This short case study demonstrates how GSMA Device

Requirements for Multi SIM Devices (TS.37)


Friday 3 Nov 2017 | TAC Allocation |

This document lays out a minimum set of requirements intended to ensure multi SIM devices show consistent behaviour. The requirements relate only to device platform elements such as hardware, protocol stack and operating systems.

Device Check: Case Study for Device Resellers


Sunday 9 Mar 2014 | IMEI |

HYLA Mobile (formerly known as eRecyclingCorps), is one of the world’s largest providers of trade-in and re-use solutions for mobile devices, processing over 25 million used devices in the last five years.