The positive impact of device intelligence

Showcase Live #11
The positive impact of device intelligence <h6>Showcase Live #11</h6>

Start: Wednesday 4 October 2023 14:00

End: Wednesday 4 October 2023 15:00

In a world with an ever-growing number of connected devices it’s getting harder yet more crucial to identify, validate and homologate devices. For instance:

· More devices are being circulated, recycled and reused than ever before
· The geographic reach of device recycling is growing
· The rate of change within new devices is increasing

Therefore, the importance of device intelligence cannot be overstated for a whole number of use cases.

The GSMA’s range of device intelligence services help a wide range of businesses and public institutions make better-informed decisions. Whether it’s the e-retailer trading second-hand devices, the fintech insurer issuing on the spot policies or claims, the network operator who wants to ensure all IoT traffic is associated with the correct tariff or the local law enforcement officer who wants to repatriate a lost cell phone.


Benefits of device intelligence for operators. Tyler Smith, Product Director, GSMA 
New device status enhancements to combat device theft and fraud. Jason Smith, Product Director, GSMA 
Use cases where providing smartphone device intelligence assists colleagues make better business performance decisions. Naser Al-Hasawi, Department Manager, Data and Business Intelligence, Zain
Benefits of the “fraudulently obtained” and “court ordered blocking” reason codes to the GSMA Device Registry. Steve Schwed, Fraud Strategy Manager, Verizon
Closing Remarks & Q&A Conor Dempsey, Sales Director, GSMA