VoLTE implications for network sunsetting

Showcase Live #8
VoLTE implications for network sunsetting <h6>Showcase Live #8</h6>

Start: Wednesday 19 April 2023 14:00

End: Wednesday 19 April 2023 15:00

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Network sunsetting in the US is near completion, Europe is the next area of focus. US carriers/MNOs have experienced some challenges, GSMA’s Interoperability Testing have helped to ease the burden and are now incorporating the recommendations from GSMA’s recent Emergency & VoLTE Taskforce to further improve VoLTE. Come and hear how GSMA’s VoLTE IoP tests are helping to iron out some of these challenges.


Welcome Conor Dempsey, Senior Director, GSMA Services
Key insights on the the current statistics on 2G/3G planned network closures and VoLTE issues updates. Emanuel Kolta, Lead Analyst, Network Sustainability & Innovation, GSMA intelligence
Emergency & VoLTE Taskforce Update and recommendations. Eddy Goffan, Technical Interconnection Leader, Orange
Our experts will bring you insights on how GSMA Interoperability Testing helps iron out VoLTE challenges when sunsetting 2G/3G. They will also talk about the enhancements to the services, including emergency call testing and self-certification for device manufacturers. Shamit Bhat, Product Director, GSMA


Wayne Cutler, Technical Director, GSMA

2G/3G sunsetting and the planning required for smooth VoLTE transition. Oswaldo Montes Pedraza, Senior Core Network Manager, Altan Redes
Q&A + Closing Remarks Conor Dempsey, Senior Director, GSMA Services


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