VoLTE Testing for Operators (MNOs/MVNOs)

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GSMA Interoperability Testing is here to help operators, and bring confidence to the industry. Since it’s a solution in response to concerns some device manufacturers have over 4G/5G quality. Resulting in them switching off VoLTE on certain networks.

The service enables operators to find faults and test against a range of industry-agreed assessments. Passing the tests means their network can run VoLTE to a common industry standard. Successful results are published on this website, to give the device manufacturing community confidence in interoperability. What’s more, GSMA will also test devices to the same standard.

There are three types of tests available to MNO and MVNOs.

Network Test
  • Network examined via test equipment acting as a reference device
  • Test uses in the IMS configuration settings of the network

Network Roaming Test
  • Testing of two S8HR VoLTE roaming networks via test equipment acting as a reference device in each network
  • The test uses the respective IMS configuration settings of each network
  • It is recommended that a successful Network Test should be completed before moving to the Network Roaming Test

Network & Device Test
  • Real device tested against already tested network
  • The network is an emulation of the real network based on message traces taken during the network-only test
  • The test uses the IMS confirmation settings of the MNO network

Network Types:

The test suites reflect the IMS services deployed by the network, which are represented by the Network Type, as shown below:

  • Type 0 – LTE
  • Type 1 – VoLTE
  • Type 2 – VoLTE & SMSoIP
  • Type 3 – VoLTE & IMS emergency
  • Type 4 – VoLTE, SMSoIP and IMS emergency

IMS Settings and GSMA Profiles:

To purchase these tests, you need to give us your IMS settings. This is so we can correctly configure the equipment ahead of testing. Also, we recommend you provide your settings in a standardised format, through the GSMA Network Settings Exchange. The GSMA has defined six IMS profiles in PRD IR.25. Namely:

  • Profile #1 & Profile #2 (for VoLTE)
  • Profile #3 & Profile #4 (for VoLTE & SMSoIP)
  • Profile #5 & Profile #6 (for VoLTE, SMSoIP & VoWiFi)

GSMA recommends only two Profiles

Further work and industry feedback concluded that the six profiles could be further reduced to two, namely Profile#4 and Profile#6 (the latter being a superset of the former). Operators are encouraged to deploy either Profile#4 or Profile#6 to facilitate commonality and reduce the overall testing overhead. However, we can accommodate your requirements if this is not currently feasible. Please contact the team for full details of the tests and our pricing.

GSMA Network Settings Exchange

This service enables operators to upload their latest configuration settings for the world’s device manufacturers to download them from one location. Therefore, devices can be configured to match the preferences of the subscriber’s chosen network. So services run as smoothly as possible. The aim is to encourage all MNOs and MVNOs to make their settings available, to ensure seamless interoperability. Find out more about GSMA Network Settings Exchange here.

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