OEM actions to enable VoLTE

A growing number of operators have proven their VoLTE interoperability by passing the GSMA’s VoLTE tests for networks and network roaming. These tests have enabled operators to spot and sort out snagging issues in their networks.

In order to improve engagement between the operators, and you, the OEM community, we recommend you review the best practices below.

OEM actions

  • Make sure your openmarket devices comply with GSMA PRD TS.59 . The document created by the device manufacturer community in the Terminal Steering Group recommends unlocking VoLTE for all IR.25 compliant networks.
  • Review the organisations that have passed these VoLTE Interoperability Network Tests listed here and don’t prevent any IMS services on your devices when connecting to these networks.
  • Download and implement these settings from the Network Settings Exchange here so your devices can run smoothly on these networks.
  • The GSMA Board VoLTE Emergency Task Force recommends compliance to Profile #4 or #6 for operators and profile #6 for OEMs as per GSMA PRD IR.25. (Profile #4 is a subset of Profile #6.) For more information, please read this blog.

If you have experienced any issues with your account, we encourage you to contact the GSMA IMEI helpdesk.