Mobile Network Operator Best Practices

New devices launch every day with new TAC. If an operator doesn’t have a new device TAC listed in their Equipment Identity Register, the device will not be allowed on their network. This scenario could be extremely frustrating for a subscriber who is looking forward to using a new phone or tablet only to find it doesn’t work with their operator. The GSMA recommends operators synchronize their system or database with the White List daily to avoid these issues.

Prior to the proliferation of expensive smartphones and tablets, device theft was usually a non-violent crime with small financial consequences. With today’s expensive equipment, criminals are becoming more aggressive in their pursuits. In some areas, this has led to violent and extreme consequences that must be dealt with by public safety leaders. Blacklisting is a very effective way to assist these public safety officials and improve the peace of mind of subscribers. It is free for operators to use and improves the health and welfare of the mobile industry. The GSMA encourages all mobile network operators to participate in this service that is free to all Members. Joining the GSMA Blacklisting service also gives an operator the ability to report devices to the Grey List.